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Increase your website traffic with a blog

It's not for nothing! Having a blog on your site has many advantages. We see more and more websites with integrated blogs. By writing blog posts, you can increase your website traffic considerably. Even for the biggest companies, flaunting your expertise while improving website authority is a powerful method to increase your visibility. If you're asking yourself why to start a blog, you've come to the right place. You will have only one desire at the end of this article: to start creating your blog!

Boost the natural referencing of your site

We know that search engines depend mainly on the textual content to judge the quality of a site. SO! A blog will enable more material for search engines to crawl. If, in addition to that, you manage to write readable and relevant content consistent with your activity, your SEO will get better than ever! Keep in your mind a blog will help you boost your natural referencing.

Creating a blog is an investment. It will tell search engines that you are passionate about the topic and that more than one person might be interested in you. Do not think that two or three articles will be enough, on the contrary! You must be regular to show that your site is active and alive.

On top of that, you will join the large blogging community! If your articles are so relevant that Internet users love them, you may have the chance to find the link to your article on other websites. Indeed, when you establish a collaboration with another brand, you can talk about both in a dedicated article. It will get you a backlink.

Why create a blog?

Establish your expertise

Having a blog indicating you know what you're talking off. In addition to your services page or product pages, it is always practical to have a few articles consistent with what you offer. It is always more reliable to buy a product on an expert site in its field! Reading blogs is the most popular activity, with 77% of internet users devoting themselves to it. 68.5% of consumers say a blog adds credibility to a website.

There is always something to say about your services or products, whether you sell cosmetics, fashion, or consulting services. Keep up with the latest trends and stay informed! You'll be able to find out what others are looking for, such as what to dress in the fall, in addition to your current understanding of your industry.

Improve your branding and create links with your customers

While writing meaningful content is essential, don't overlook the layout. It must be consistent with your brand image and express the message you wish to send. Your brand image will increase if your blog follows an intelligent content strategy.

Those that buy your items, as well as those who read your posts, will be your most devoted clients. Although the comment area might be filled with dubious comments at times, you must not give up since among them are your most loyal consumers!

Your blog will also attract new customers, customers as passionate as you in your sector. A sincere buyer likes to discover new things about his passion and read quality content about it! If you manage to seduce your prospects with your articles, you can be sure that they will quickly turn into loyal customers.

Increase your website traffic and strengthen your content strategy!

The more you apply yourself to writing articles, the more content you share. If you only posted photos of your articles and individual posts for the holidays before you had a blog, you will have much more to say now!

As said before, the blog reflects your passion for your sector and allows you to increase your website's traffic. It gives life to your website and a human side to your brand because Internet users know that someone is behind writing on it. You will also have the opportunity to promote your articles on your various social networks: Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, to give more visibility to your website and more relevant content to publish on the multiple platforms you occupy.

Creating a blog for your website can be a time-consuming task. You risk producing low-quality and inconsistent content if you don't spend the time it deserves. Thanks to our experts in the field, you will be sure to have quality content and finely written articles. For optimized papers and impeccable SEO, call us!


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