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Search engin marketing (SEM) service

Search Engin Marketing 

Market your business to the whole wide world with Results-driven, Growth focused Partner

Higher Ad Rankings

We put time into researching your unique business model so we can create highly targeted ads for Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and other online marketing channels. These highly targeted ads help your products and services show up more often on search engines when people are searching for what you offer.

Lower Bids

We have the experience, time, knowledge, and resource to research keywords that are best suited for your goals. Plus, copywriters, who’ll write persuasive ads that’ll get results. The advantage of letting us take care of your online ads is that we’ll take extra care to make the most of your budget.

Higher ROI

The optimization of online PPC campaigns is not a science; it is an art. Our expert team continuously researches and analyzes data to optimize every paid advertising strategy and evaluate how PPC ads perform. That's why we can be as confident as we are about our team's expertise.


Getting your website placed as an ad in the search results, when a user searches for a product or service that your business offers, is typically the entire purpose of search engine marketing, SEM. As a trusted digital agency in Toronto for search engine marketing, we consistently deliver noteworthy results with cost-effective strategies.

Online paid to advertise also known as pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, pulls in a large number of inbound leads and our sole focus is to land your business at the top of the ad lists of search results. From successful campaigns that our experts have spearheaded over the years, we surely know the tricks of the trade to give you maximum value using both, PPC and search engine optimization (SEO)


Keyword Strategy Development

A good keyword strategy is one among our main focuses on any digital marketing campaign, especially at the start of the project. Through developing and nurturing successful marketing campaigns, our aim is to get the words and phrases employed in search engines by users when trying to search out something specific online. we would like to uncover a searcher's intent - as an example, what are the type of words are searchers using when searching for information? What reasonable words are they using when looking to form a purchase? Each element in putting a keyword strategy together will help us create the right campaign for your business. By including these words and phrases within various parts of your website, forepart and face, we will drive these potential customers straight into your hands. After some thorough research, we are going to select high-performing keywords to specialize in, optimize and monitor, following their progression through Google’s search rankings. Choosing highly relevant keywords, that are as closely associated with your business is crucial in bringing the proper style of traffic to your website - traffic that will convert into sales and leads!

Above the Clouds

Ready To Grow?

Our online strategists will give a successful, proven digital marketing plan for your business. It will increase the visibility of your brand and build a loyal following among current and new customers.


Landing Page Creation

Your landing pages play a critical role in your marketing and advertising efforts. With professional landing page design services, you'll maximize the impact of those pages. Increase your sales, boost your lead quality, and drive your revenue upward with custom landing page designs from nexigram you get

  • Professional landing page designs representative of and according to your brand

  • Strong, clear, and concise landing page design and duplicate that entices visitors to convert

  • A carefully crafted landing page that speaks to the actual audience you're targeting, meets your needs and exceeds your expectations


Monitoring And Reporting

SEM reporting also gives you a blueprint to help you adjust and refine your SEM strategy over time, optimizing your performance to push your ROI even higher.


As you run various SEM campaigns across different ad products and platforms, reporting can also offer guidance as to how to balance your marketing mix to prioritize your top-performing channels.

Retargeting Ads

We’ve all had it happen to us. Being hounded by creepy, boring ads over and over once we visited a website, or if we were searching for a particular product or service but didn’t finish the order journey. But it won’t happen to your business. Because we've got the experience of running retargeting campaigns for dozens of industries with goals starting from awareness to engagement to conversions. We build customized retargeting campaigns for your business with strategy, likewise as ads, that stand out.


Let’s Talk

Ready to transform your business into a thriving and successful business? Take a moment to tell us about your needs and we'll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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