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What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

To get started on your digital journey, it can be challenging to know who to contact and what services to use. Let's discover together the different types of services commonly provided by a digital marketing agency! A digital agency is, in general, an agency offering several benefits, whether community management, SEO or the creation of websites.

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Social Media

Digital agencies generally offer community management services and sometimes influencer marketing.

Regarding social media management, there are specialized agencies called Social Media Agencies. Animating a community and increasing a company's notoriety on social networks is the primary objective of good social media management. Well-planned hashtag strategies and geolocation filters help social media managers gain insight into the latest trends, whether at the photo or video level. An experienced social media manager knows how to create engaging and qualitative visuals to attract the right audience!

The purpose of influencer marketing is to gain notoriety for your brand by using an influential personality on social media. By working with a digital agency, you can find influencers that have the most engaged community and who are best suited to your activity. Checking the engagement rate of influencers is essential to the smooth running of the campaign: the engagement rate of influencers determines the success of the collaboration.


Digital agencies also offer SEO services! Specialized SEO and SEM agencies offer you experts who will help you reach the top of search engine results.

SEO has several techniques, whether on-page or off-page. A digital agency is knowledgeable about each of these techniques in order to achieve convincing results after the SEO optimization of a website!

The SEM includes all types of paid referencing and, in particular, sponsored ads on websites or social networks. By choosing the right target audience for these campaigns, digital agencies can precisely reach the audience the client wants.

Web and graphic design

One of the services that web design agencies offer is website creation, it is also included in the services of a digital agency. A website with a well-designed UX will necessarily give results during your digital transition! It is crucial to find a graphic charter and a visual identity adapted to your activity and to show it on your website.

Digital agencies are ready to take up the challenge of building a coherent and unique visual identity for your business. Whether for a business card, a flyer, a poster campaign, or simply advertising on the web.

lead generation

What can a digital agency bring you in terms of leads? Whether it is through e-mail campaigns, newsletters, or pure and hard prospecting, your digital agency will find the public most interested in your services and will contact them softly or hard, depending on your needs.

Content writing

Web writing is not for everyone: it may seem obvious, but spelling mistakes are not welcome!

It isn't just about acceptable words and perfect syntax and spelling in content writing: several content writing techniques are explicitly made to engage the reader's attention. These include copywriting or the various sales techniques for a landing page.

What can a digital agency do about copywriting? By mixing SEO writing and copywriting, a digital agency is an expert in writing to sell.

The digital strategy

The strong point of digital agencies is the creation of digital strategies. Whether for a complete or targeted approach (Social Media or SEO, for example), digital agencies excel in analyzing a company's digital needs. A thorough diagnosis is drawn up, and a precise strategy is proposed to companies, with instructions on how to carry out specific manipulations.

Neixgram Digital Marketing Agency

Nexigram digital marketing agency offers all the services listed above! Thanks to its digital versatility, the agency can afford to assist in all digital sectors while ensuring an impeccable quality of work. If your company wishes to turn to digital or improve its digital strategy, do not hesitate to contact our agency for a personalized analysis!


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